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Dental problems don't always happen during normal business hours. 


Should you require emergency dental service, please contact our emergency call service at (602)889-7835.  At the end of the message you will be directed on how to get in contact with us after hours. 


When and how often do I need to be seen?


We want the best for your teeth. That's why we have put some information together here to help you the next time you visit our practice. It can also help you understand more about prevention and other dentistry topics.


Preventative care: At least every 6 months

If you take special care of your teeth and they are in good condition, you should come to see us for a checkup at least twice a year. By doing this, you will avoid most of the costly and sometimes painful procedures associated with dentistry. Come regularly, and you will become a "boring" patient of Dr. Smith's.


Treatment is always more expensive and/or teeth are lost when you come in only when there is pain or something bothering you. 


Start 'em early

Proper oral hygiene habits are learned early.  As soon as your toddler can manage a toothbrush (24-30 months), supervised brushing instructions can create beneficial habits that last a lifetime.  Remember, children under 6 should be supervised at all times as swallowing excessive amounts of toothpaste can be harmful.


If your kids are eating the toothpaste, make sure it is a "kid" or children toothpaste. These types have minimal to no Fluoride content compared to your average adult toothpaste.  children eating adult toothpaste may develope stains or pits on their teeth from too much consumption of Fluoride, called Fluorosis.


Smith Family Dental recommends your child's first dentist visit somewhere around their first birthday, or when their first teeth arrive.  It give the child the opportunity to experience the dental exam and gives the parents a chance to discuss oral care with Dr. Smith. Establishing regular visits at a young age has proven to improve the health and stability of adult teeth.


And if you have implants, you need to treat them as if they are teeth and have them cleaned at minimum twice a year. Otherwise they can develop tartar buildup and may compromise their stability by causing bone loss called peri-implantitis.

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